Communications Manager

Position Description

The new Communications Manager role will be a vital member of the growing Lawrence Partnership team, helping to develop and promote a communications strategy for the organization as well as promote a positive narrative of the City of Lawrence through the unique channels and networks of the organization.  The role will work closely with the Executive Director and the Deputy Director and will include ample opportunities for deep and broad community engagement through participation at events and coalitions in support the overall priorities of the Lawrence Partnership: to promote economic development and quality of life in Lawrence. 

Primary Duties include:

  • Manage the organization’s communications to best amplify our work and positively impact the public narrative for the city

  • Manage the creation and production of content for social media and publications such as annual reports and newsletters

  • Directly engage with traditional press outlets and produce the organization’s messaging, press releases, op-eds, and letters to the editor

  • Develop and execute a strategy to build online communications

  • Manage metrics to ensure that online communications are targeting the right message to the right audience at the right moment

  • Elevate the Partnership’s influence online, and bring a fresh perspective to digital and social media across all channels

  • Work with Deputy Director and Executive Director to drive and integrate a brand strategy to tell the Lawrence Partnership story and clearly articulate its mission 

  • Build loyal organizational followings on social media platforms

  • Manager website content development and maintenance

  • Assist with the development of promotional materials, such as the annual reports and other collateral

  • Other duties as assigned


Reporting Requirements:

The Communications Manager reports directly to the Deputy Director 

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has working experience  in Lawrence, with established relationships in the for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors

  • Has background and/or experience in social media, marketing, communications, and/or PR

  • Has an Associate’s degree or greater and at least 4+ years’ experience working in a communications role 

  • Bi-lingual/bi-cultural candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

Application Instructions: 

Please send resume and cover letter to


Compensation is commensurated based on experience, at a max starting salary of $55,000 and includes full benefits.  Opportunities for growth will be available based on performance. 


About the Lawrence Partnership:

No single leader, company, school, or community organization can do everything by itself. Accordingly, we are a group of presidents, CEOs and executive directors of local banks, mills, businesses, schools, and community organizations, along with elected officials, unified around a vision of a growing and thriving Lawrence. We speak with one voice, share our resources, and meet regularly to identify and implement projects of transformational change.

Our work comprises many activities, all of which bring our partners together across sectors to break down barriers that constrain business growth and employment opportunities for our residents. We are bringing investment capital and expert mentoring to new and small business that traditionally have difficulty accessing both. We are working with large organizations in various capacities to create lasting employment opportunities and upward mobility for our citizens. And we serve as an advocate and voice for the City, communicating our successes and milestones to our residents and those in surrounding communities, as well our vision and optimism for the future.

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